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High-Value Tax Exchange Program

Through our affiliate company,
KB Exchange Trust, we provide a turnkey solution for High-Value Tax Exchanges*

No Loan Qualifications No Loan Documents to Sign
Completely Non-Recourse Financing


• Select a property that meets your criteria

Evaluate the true cash flow of the
property prior to purchase

Customize a 1031 exchange based upon
your equity and debt requirements

Upon closing, you will own a property
with non-recourse financing that
is completely free of
day-to-day management.



Ideal for high net worth investors who are repositioning a real estate asset or portfolio and want to be less active in day-to-day property management while still maintaining control over all major decisions.

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844-GET-1TEN (844-438-1836)

* Our High-Value Tax Exchange Program is for transactions with
aggregate value of $5M and above. 



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